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Saturday, January 29, 2022

5 Best Cold Drinks In Summer

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Do you like cold drinks I do!

Let’s try my favorite summer drinks on a hot sweaty day. I do have recipes for milk shake and smoothie do you know what’s the difference ?

Smooth made from frozen fruits with water or milk or even fresh orange juice, Milk shake made from Milk and ice cream.

Who doesn’t like chocolate I’m sure nobody, that’s why I’m going to start with my famous chocolate milkshake! We only need a few ingredients and you going to have the most delicious chocolate milkshake!

1. Chocolate milk shake

In your blender you need 1 cup of chocolate milk 1 cup of ice, One scoop of your favorite chocolate ice cream.

Blend them all together and then pour it in your fancy cup, add whipping cream on the top and the drizzle chocolate syrup.


2. Strawberry milk shake

Strawberry milk shake

In your blender at 1 cup of milk of choice 1 cup of ice 1 scoop of vanilla or strawberry ice cream.

Add them to a blander then Blend altogether In your fancy cup.

Add some drizzle strawberry syrup add your mixture to the cup top it with whipping cream.

3. Piña colada this one non alcohol and kids friendly

In your blander add 1 cup coconut milk 1 cup ice 1 cup frozen pineapple.

Bland then together then pour it in your cup.

4. Mint watermelon slushy

Cut your watermelon then place it in the freezer after 1 hour.

In your blander add the watermelon 1 cup ice 3-4 leaves mint and you going to have the best watermelon slushy so fresh and delicious.

5. Berry mix

Berry mix

In a Ziploc bag add a small cut strawberry blueberry and raspberry.

Place them in the freezer for about 1-2 hours.

In your blander add 1 tablespoons honey 1 cup orange juice, or milk.

The berry mix 1 cup ice Bland it all together then pour it to a cup.


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